Data Request/Resident Access

The UBC Department of Family Practice Residency Program (DFP) collects resident and graduate data for scholarship and program evaluation purposes. The DFP oversees the release of resident and graduate data to faculty, residents, or other stakeholders in 2 ways:

  1. Data request – Release of analyzed resident/graduate data for scholarly purposes. (e.g. Exit Survey information).
  2. Resident Access – Consent to collect data on current DFP residents (e.g. survey/interview) during allotted time period for scholarly purposes. 

All internal and external requestors for data and resident access must adhere to our ‘Data Request and Resident Access Guidelines’ and submit completed ‘Data Request/ Resident Access Form‘.

***Please note that internal/external researchers cannot directly contact site coordinators/administration for research purposes, including distribution of surveys. All requests must be processed through Data Request/Resident access application and upon decision made via Data Concierge Committee.

For all other inquiries related to Data request/Resident access please contact the Data Concierge Committee at: