Everyone wants to know how they are doing compared to a goal or outcome.  In theory, benchmarks might provide this information.  In practice, benchmarking the acquisition of competence in a complex profession, over a short period of time is not amenable to a single benchmark. 

The UBC Family Medicine Program uses benchmarks to set assessment expectations throughout training.

Click here to view current Assessment Expectations for the 2022-2024 Cohort
Click here to view current Assessment Expectations for the 2023-2025 Cohort

Additional information regarding Benchmarks in the UBC Family Medicine Program can be found below:

 UBC Postgraduate Family Medicine has some useful benchmarks for specific circumstances.   

  1. Time-based benchmarks for use in the Family Medicine office context.
  2. R1/R2 Transition benchmark.
  3. The graduation benchmark for program completion is also known as the Assessment Expectations (2021 to 2023) and Assessment Expectations (2022 to 2023)
  4. Self-assessment of Resident confidence in all the UBC Core Activities – for near end of Program.

These help preceptors, residents, and competency committees gauge resident progress. 

Time-based benchmarks at 6-month intervals.  These are benchmarks for the performance of a resident in the office setting. Many preceptors find these useful.   

The Site Level Competency Committee uses this benchmark to determine advancement to PGY2.  It is handy for Preceptors to know what this contains, as the In-Training Assessment Report informs this decision. 

If you believe your resident is not "consistently" demonstrating core clinical skills or has professionalism concerns in any context,  then please call your Site Director and put it on the In-Training Assessment Report. This helps us to support the resident to improve performance concerns. 


For more information, read this FAQ: R1/R2 Transition Benchmark FAQ Faculty Version.

Each entry cohort has a defined set of Assessment Expectations that they must successfully do in order to graduate from the Postgraduate Program in Family Medicine.   

2022 Entry Cohort 

2023 Entry Cohort

Residents are welcome to do a self-assessment of how prepared or confident they believe themselves to be for each Core Learning Outcome.