Resident as Teacher

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UBC Family Practice has developed a customized Resident as Teacher program that specifically targets family medicine teaching and learning contexts. All residents are expected to teach during their residency and many continue doing so throughout their careers – this program strives to equip them with the skills and confidence to perform this role effectively.

The FP Resident as Teacher program consists of 7 modular workshops that offer evidence-based practices for various teaching settings (clinical teaching, academic teaching, teaching with patients, etc). It is intended to be delivered during academic time, although individual sites will decide how best to schedule and operationalize this program. Family Practice Site Faculty for Faculty Development have generously offered to deliver this content, if requested.

If you have any questions about the FP Resident as Teacher program, please contact Bill Upward – Teaching and Learning Strategist (

  • Click here to see the FP Resident as Teacher Program Overview.
  • If you are helping deliver this program, click here to access the Family Practice Resident as Teacher facilitation materials.