Faculty Reimbursement

Reimbursement Process

Receipts can be submitted directly through Workday.  Contact Ricky Sham or your site coordinator to submit reimbursements. 


  • Claims should be submitted to the program within three months of being incurred.
  • Pictures of itemized receipts are required for all reimbursement claims.
  • Emailed itineraries are acceptable for air travel.
  • Bus tickets are considered receipts for travel on public transit.
  • Google maps can be used to demonstrate mileage.

Program Reimbursement Policies & Guidelines

If you are traveling from out of town, the program will cover accommodation for one night to attend full-day retreats (or any face-to-face events with an early start time). Reimbursement will be a maximum of $250 per night plus taxes. Reimbursement for more than one night can only be covered with special permission.

UBC Rates

University travelers have access to many hotel discounts and corporate programs, including campus accommodation. Review the travel program and rates.

Public Transit

Tickets are considered receipts for travel on public transit.

If you are arriving at Vancouver Airport, the fastest and most cost-effective method of transportation into Vancouver is via the Canada Line (Skytrain). You can board the Canada Line at the airport.

  • Destination: Downtown Vancouver: Take the Canada Line to the downtown stop that is closest to your hotel (e.g., Yaletown, Vancouver City Centre, Waterfront)
  • Destination: UBC Point Grey Campus: Take the Canada Line to the Broadway City Hall station. Kitty-corner from the Skytrain station you will see a bus stop. Board the 99 B-Line bus heading west. UBC is the last stop on the bus route.

Further information on Vancouver public transit can be found on Translink’s website.

Taxi or Car Rental

When public transit is not the easiest way to get to campus from downtown you can use a taxi if this is the best option from your location. When possible, please share taxis with colleagues to help reduce the cost.

If you do need to take more than one taxi ride in a day, and you are traveling outside of Vancouver, consider renting a car or using a car share. UBC has discounted rates available.

Gas and parking expenses can be claimed when using rental cars. Keep all receipts.

Private Vehicle (Parking & Mileage)

Parking and mileage reimbursement for private vehicles is provided for those traveling from outside of Vancouver. The current rate is $0.68/km for the first 5,000 kilometers driven and $0.62/km after that.

Please note: mileage costs should not exceed the cost to use other forms of transportation (e.g., airline travel that may be faster).

Gas expenses for private vehicles are not claimable, as this cost is included in the mileage calculation.

Air Travel

It is recommended that faculty book air travel through the UBC Travel Program.

Breakfast and lunch are generally provided at full-day retreats unless otherwise specified. If you are traveling from out of town, you are entitled to meal reimbursement, outside of the provided meals, up to a certain amount per diem as per UBC policy.

Visit UBC Travel Guide for more information and tips on travel.