Yes! Applicants may be practicing physicians or recent graduates of a family medicine residency. Please see Admissions for priority order of application acceptance.

Please see Admissions for priority order of application acceptance. Applications are accepted from across the Country, but preference is given to candidates who are practicing or intend to practice in BC. Evidence of an existing or promised position in BC may be requested for some proposed areas of training.

For the majority of programs, a letter of community support is not required but will strengthen your application.

You may be asked for a letter or evidence of a specific community commitment for Obstetrical Surgical Skills, and Gender and Sexual Health.

All Enhanced Skills programs are third year residency programs, meaning that you will be paid at the level of an R3 during your training. See the Resident Doctor's of BC website for details about salary and benefits.

This depends on the program you are applying for. Category 1 programs have set training times, while the Category 2 programs can vary. Please view the specific program you are interested in on our Training Programs page for details.

The Clinician Scholar Program is a part-time program at 50% FTE over 2 years. The remaining Category 1 programs should be done full-time.

There is sometimes flexibility with the Category 2 programs, depending on the individual training sites.

If you are in a year-long Category 1 program, you will be expected to start July 1 unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. maternity leave). There are generally 2 start times within the Obstetrical Surgical Skills program - July 1 or January 1. For the remaining programs of 6 months are less, start times are generally quite flexible provided there is availability at the training locations.

An under-served community can be either rural or urban, but certain job opportunities are only available in rural communities. The following training programs are designed for physicians who intend to work in a more rural location:

Category 1: Family Practice Anesthesia, Obstetrical Surgical Skills

Category 2: Palliative Care, Pediatrics

To apply for the UBC Enhanced Skills Programs, you must either hold your CCFP or be eligible to attain it within your year of training. Enhanced Skills is a fully accredited residency program, not a fellowship. The program is not available to visiting international trainees.

No, UBC will not cover your costs to re-locate during your training.

Category 1 residents do receive reimbursement for travel to mandatory rotations outside of their home site. Category 2 residents do not generally qualify for this, with some exceptions.

Our programs are open to applications from IMG applicants who are currently in Family Practice training, or who are currently completing their Return of Service obligations. However, there are some restrictions and additional application requirements. Please see the Admissions page for details.

If you are an IMG applicant who has completed their Return of Service obligations (and meets the other eligibility requirements), you can apply to any of our programs via the regular application process.