Faculty Development

Teaching is a comprehensive skill that can be deepened and refined through practice, collaboration, and ongoing learning. This page offers information and resources to help you create engaging and meaningful educational experiences for medical students and residents.

Some ways you might consider using these resources:

  • Review and collect teaching tips and strategies found on the Teaching Resources page. These resources target the core skills for teaching and assessing learners in a competency-based training program.
  • Identify your local Faculty Development Site Faculty and ask them to come for an office visit or put on a faculty development session on a topic of interest. Common topics include new learner orientation and goal-setting, direct observation tips, how to give impactful feedback, stimulating clinical reasoning, and supporting learners in difficulty.

While the resources included here are tailored for the teaching of Family Medicine learners, additional resources and information on faculty wide faculty development activities can be found by visiting the Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty Development website.