Team-Based Primary Care Learning Centres


The Team-based Primary Care Learning Centres (TPCLC) project is a three-year project, funded by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and managed by the UBC Department of Family Practice in the Faculty of Medicine (FoM), to introduce team-based alternatives to optimize team-based teaching opportunities province-wide.

Our Activities:

  • Helping to build and sustain interprofessional team-based primary care across British Columbia.
  • Purposely training family practice medical residents in interprofessional team-based settings.
  • Providing an enhanced training experience for family practice residents.

Our Intentions:

  • To increase both training and clinical capacity within Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and other interprofessional team-based primary care models, province-wide.
  • To test alternative models for integration of family practice medical residents into interprofessional team-based primary care settings.
  • To build the initial scaffolding for a comprehensive provincial plan for integrated, collaborative health education and training.

Clinic Highlights:

Learning Resources:

  • Supporting Team-Based Care via UBC Health (2021). This videoed session includes a panel presentation on work currently being done at UBC to support team-based care. Watch  it here.
  • Team-Based Care BC (2023): The Team-Based Care Advisory Group guides work across the province to accelerate the transition to high-quality, team-based care by providing systems of support for local action and change with patients and providers as equal partners. Learn about their resources here.
  • Team-Based Care Evaluation and Adoption Model (TEAM) Framework via Canadian Family Physician (2021). The initial TEAM Framework was derived from a series of reviews and consultations with academic and clinical experts. Learn more about its development here.
  • UBC CPD Learning Activities: Select from a multitude of flexible learning opportunities offered by our Faculty of Medicine. Visit here.
  • What can team-based care look like with behavioural and mental health care within primary care? via UBC Health (2023). In this videoed session, the panel discusses how mental health concerns have escalated in recent years and added to the pressure of family physicians to meet community health needs in BC. Watch here.

For more information regarding the Team-Based Primary Care Learning Centres Project, please contact Katelyn Giffin at